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Healing Ways to Memorialize the Loss of an Infant

2017 Editions February 2017 Magazine Parenting

Few emotional tidal waves rival the joy of expecting a baby, but dealing with a pregnancy loss could cause a devastated family to ask, “What do we do now?”

According to the March of Dimes, there are about 4.4 million confirmed pregnancies in the U.S. every year and 900,000 to 1 million of those pregnancies end in loss.

When a child’s life is cut short, it affects everyone close to the situation in some way. It’s a time for families to grieve and also find ways to preserve the memory of their little one.

A Mother’s Advice
Kevin and Katie Burns, the founders of Forever My Baby You’ll Be, started the organization after they lost their first child, Emma, when she was stillborn in 2014. The group provides information, guidance and support for grieving families after losing an infant.

Katie Burns believes that a loss of this magnitude can be the beginning of the end for some couples who don’t work through the grief, and she gives a reminder that each person has their own process of coping.

“One way that the mom and dad can help each other is to lean on one another,” she says. “Men and women grieve differently and everyone is different, but at the end of the day, your partner is the person in your circle who is experiencing the loss as closely as you are. Even though my husband didn’t want to go to individual counseling and I did, he fully supported my going and vise versa, and we talked about it together. I’d say do as many things together as possible.”

Burns recalls that just knowing others were thinking of her made all the difference. She suggests for close friends and family of a couple who has lost a child, “Make the call.

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Craft the Perfect Homespun Halloween Costume for Your Child

Featured Magazine October 2016
Making your child's Halloween costume from scratch doesn't have to be difficult or extremely time consuming. With some creativity and common materials, you can come up with a look they'll love. Use our handy no-sew costume guide as a source of inspiration to create the perfect home-spun Halloween look this year. ...
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Support Through Camp: Specialty Camps Meet the Unique Needs of Kids

May 2016 Parenting Special Needs
To most families, the end of a school year is synonymous with going to summer camp, where kids engage in new experiences, make new friends and create life-long memories. Some parents are finding there are unique camps around Northeast Ohio offering much more than the traditional fun activities. ...
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Paper Losing Stride in School Communication

April 2016
Most schools would agree that keeping parents and students connected to day-to-day activities in and out of the classroom is important. With modern technology, effective communication is becoming increasingly more convenient. ...
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‘FORE!’ Generations: Father’s Day Family Tradition

When traditions like this are handed down, it gives fathers the opportunity to positively influence their children’s behavior and create an environment in which dads can demonstrate the character they work to instill in their family, all while celebrating what really matters and creating lasting memories. ...
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Foster Month: Help Them Grow, Then Let Them Go

To many people, foster parents are considered real-life superheroes, serving and loving children for as long as they’re needed, despite the inevitable farewell. Though it can be intense and painful, all of the foster parents we’ve spoken to agree it’s worth it — and professionals say there is a huge need for more people to step up. ...
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