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Ashley Weingart is the mother of three young children and she's always running somewhere. Whether she's chasing after her two-year-old with her craft scissors in his hand, hurrying to get dinner on the table, rushing to finish yard work, or literally running for exercise, she's always on the go. Many of her favorite daily tasks have something else in common; scissors, or sKissors as her littlest one calls them. Garden scissors, kitchen scissors, craft scissors, children’s safety scissors, she's nearly always got one of them in hand. Her blog documents her adventures as a busy mom on the run making time to have her fun. Visit Ashley is on Twitter @RunningSkissors and Facebook at Running with Skissors.

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Valentine’s Day the Old School Way

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured February 2017 Magazine

If you’re like me, part of you wants to be one of those moms who’s organized enough to make all those adorably sweet Valentine’s Day cards and crafts that you’ve pinned on your “Valentine’s Day” board.

How can you possibly remember to buy all the measuring rulers and then print out the cute “you rule” cards in which to wrap them before the big day? It practically feels like you just got reorganized after the holidays and suddenly it’s time to be turning in all 20 cards to school. So, you end up taking the easy way out and throw the Ninja Turtle cards into your cart on your way out of the drugstore. You force your kids to write their name 20 times the night before their due date and you call it a day. Sound familiar?

My memories of creating Valentine’s Day cards as a kid still remain pretty clear in that dusty old mommy brain of mine. I know it never involved hours of labor and lots of money buying trinkets and embellishing them with photo-ready labels. In our day, all you needed was paper, doilies, glue, markers, a sprinkle of glitter and a splash of imagination. That’s why this year, I’m ditching all the perfect, computer-designed cards and going old school.

We pulled out the craft supplies and the kids made their own. I provided a little inspiration and then they rolled their eyes and created their own masterpieces. Yes, there was a glittery, gluey mess, but it kept them occupied for a whole hour on a cold, gloomy winter afternoon. I’d rather have them use some creativity and take responsibility for making their own cards, instead of me doing it all for them.

So let your little ones spread their cupid wings and have some good, old-fashioned fun with materials you already have flying around the house.

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Ditch Middle School Drama: Help Your Child Rise Above Social Pressure and Bullying

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Education Featured January 2017 Magazine Parenting
Today's kids often see bullying in writing — and their peers can, too, thanks to social media. While it’s impossible to shield your child completely from these mean behaviors, there are some ways to help your middle-schooler deal with bullying issues. ...
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Baking with Kids is Messy, but oh so Sweet

2016 Editions Ages & Stages December 2016 Featured Food Magazine Parenting
To some, baking holiday cookies with kids sounds like a recipe for disaster. It’s not difficult to imagine all the mess and the drama. With a pinch of preparation and a dash of extra patience, baking with your children can be educational and, yes, even a lot of fun. Find mom-tested tips and recipes here. ...
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Eat, Save, Reduce: 10 Tips to Reduce Your Family’s Food Waste

2016 Editions Food Magazine November 2016
According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a family of four loses an average of $1,500 a year on wasted food. Whether your concern is for the environment or for the well-being of your wallet, here are some ideas to help you and your family reduce food waste. ...
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Make Healthy School Birthday Treats that Pass the Test

2016 Editions Featured Food Magazine October 2016
Today's parents are faced with many limitations when preparing a special birthday treat for their child to share with their classmates. Here are some tried and true school birthday treats that are safe for all kids but are so delicious and fun, students won’t even realize they are gluten-free, nut-free or dairy-free. ...
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Savor Northeast Ohio Fall Super Foods

Featured September 2016

Fall fruits and vegetables are hitting their peak in the garden and are abundant at local farmers markets and grocery stores. Here’s the scoop on how to choose them, some ideas for delicious meals to make with them and reasons why they are good for more than just your taste buds.


Winter Squash
Ohio Harvest Season
Mid-August through mid-November

Winter squash come in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. Hard skin and seeds distinguish them from their soft skinned cousins, the summer squash. Choose squash that seem heavy, as they contain more edible flesh. All winter squash must be cooked. They can be steamed, baked or boiled. It’s best to cut them in half, remove the seeds and bake them.


Deeply fluted lengthwise.
Mild, fine textured, pale orange yellow flesh.
Weighs 1 to 3 pounds.
Perfect for stuffing.

Butternut: Cylindrical top rests on bulblike bottom. Smooth, thin, pinkish tan rind covers sweet, orange flesh. Weighs 2 to 5 pounds. Great for roasting or for soups.

Spaghetti: Watermelon-shaped with yellow or orange skin. Weighs 1 to 10 pounds. Commonly roasted and then easily separates with fork into spaghetti-like strands.

Health Benefits: No single food provides a greater percentage of antioxidant rich carotenoids than winter squash to help your body fight off disease. Winter squash provide a good source of vitamins A and C and a significant source of potassium.


Some regions of Northeast Ohio are prime for grape growing, both for wine making and eating. Look for firm grapes that are plump and fragrant. Store unwashed grapes in a bag in the crisper of your refrigerator. Grapes are delicious as a quick snack and concord grapes are well known for making jellies.

Some Local Varieties Concord: Deep blue to purple or almost black with a dusty bloom. Round grapes encased in thick skin that slips off when eaten.

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Preparing Your Family for Another Baby

Ages & Stages April 2016
Welcoming a new baby into the world is a time full of emotions — joy, excitement and perhaps even a little anxiety. To some, the first year can seem even more challenging the second time around. Now, you’ve got a new baby and their older sibling to care for. How do you manage all of their needs at once? Here is some advice from parenting experts, as well as experienced parents themselves, on how to survive the first year — again. ...
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